WPI GDC Club Management System — Modules

The modules, as listed on the Status Page, are as follows:

LiteXML (0.1.0)
The LiteXML module is used to parse the XML configuration file.  It is not robust enough to be used to parse any XML file, but it works well enough to get the system going.

Configuration/Session Management (0.0.1)
Used both to read the configuration file, store the configuration information, and set up various other components.  It is the "glue" between the various other modules and the central component.

Database Layer (0.0.1)
Abstract module that defines the API to access the database (and not much else).

MySQL Database Layer (0.0.1)
Used to access a MySQL database.

Cocoon 2 Module (0.0.1)
This package contains the Cocoon 2 XML Transformer that accesses the various DataSources defined in the package.

News Data Sources (0.0.1)
Data Sources for reading and posting news stories.

User Management (0.0.1)
Manages users: validating logon attempts; storing data about them; managing access rights.

GUI Configuration Utility (0.0.1)
Graphical utility to initialize the system and manage it once up.
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